Transformers Juniors Giftset

(May, 2006) I managed to snag the Japanese exclusive Transformers Juniors gift-set containing Chromedome, Optimus Prime, and Fortress Maximus for only $57.80. Not bad for a set that typically goes for no less than $80. I've been looking to snag this set for several years, and this time the price was right. Anyway, I thought I'd share my photos of the set.

These guys were also available separately, and that's why each one has its own tray.

And Fort Max proves to be the shortest of the bunch. How about that?

Vehicle modes. Chromedome and Fort Max have little leg-attachments that snap onto the heads in order to turn them into their headmaster partners.

The cardboard trailer looked so ridiculous, I unfolded it and put it back in the box after taking this photo.

Junior Optimus and Robot Masters Optimus are practically the same size.

A little comparison shot between the Junior Optimus, WSTF Optimus and the "original" Optimus Prime.

Vehicle modes, after the stickers were applied.

Robot modes, post-stickers. You'll notice I painted Prime's eyes with some yellow acrylic. Also, his toe, knee, and forearm stickers were based on Ultra-Magnus' stickers, not Prime's, so I decided not to add them. Lastly, there weren't any silver stickers for his upper-legs, so I cut some of the extra silver decal-paper from Max's sheet and added them to Prime's legs.


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