Transformers Year Of The Snake "Platinum-Edition" Omega Supreme

(February, 2013) Overview: In the annals of popular Transformers toys and characters, Omega Supreme ranks pretty darned highly amongst fans. The original toy was large, bulky, and cool. Plus he had the motorized features that allowed him to walk in robot mode and the tank to run 'round the track in his base-mode. Because of these features, kids loved him "back in the day", and collectors tend to love that aspect as well. Add in the fact that Omega Supreme was showcased a few times in season 2 of the original Transformers series, and you have a recipe for a rather beloved character. Sure, he may not be a top-tenner, but he's up there.

Because of his popularity, many fans have been clamoring for a new version of Omega Supreme for years. We got one of a sort for Transformers: Energon, although that one wasn't to everyone's taste. He had a nifty headmaster feature, as well as electronic lights and sounds, and his general body configuration definitely evoked G1 Omega, with his claw-like right arm, and his weaponized left-arm, not to mention his massive size. Energon Omega was one big toy, and he also possessed the typical Energon "powerlink" feature as well that allowed him to combine with Energon Optimus Prime. For an alt mode, the toy split into a space-battleship that seems to be inspired by the anime "Space Battleship Yamato", and was pretty darned neat in its own right. The other half became...well, this odd crane-train thing. You could then link the two to make this huge "battle train", guaranteed to make Decepticons say "OMG WTF?" before being blasted to bits. On the down-side, Energon Omega had a totally asymmetrical paint-scheme that looked pretty odd. The toy was later re-released as Omega Sentinel, with a much more unified Blue, silver, and Red color-scheme that was much easier on the eye.

Despite all of this, these toys didn't really fit the bill for many collectors of the more recent Classics/Universe/Generations lines, and the desire for an Omega Supreme that would fit in with such displays remained. And now, Hasbro has addressed this desire to a degree with the release of Year Of The Snake Omega Supreme. He's a re-release of the Energon Omega mold, with a G1-inspired color-scheme, and a brand-new Claw-Arm and Head, directly drawn from the War For Cybertron video-game. So, how does this new toy stack up? Let's take a look!

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The Details: First off, the box that this huge toy comes in is absolutely gorgeous. Its predominantly red, with metallic gold foil, and adorned with Year Of The Snake Logos. The Energon Omega character-art has been re-used, but colored to more closely match the new release. On the back you get Omega Supreme's stats, pictures of the toy in its various modes, and a rather odd error. The original Energon Omega had a feature where his claw/crane arm would lunge out via a sliding button. The new Omega has a totally new WFC-based claw that does not have such a feature. However, the text on the back touts the feature as if it still existed. Weird.

When you open the velcro-adorned front-panel, you can read Omega Supreme's bio, which is very evocative of his WFC incarnation. The toy itself sets in a yellow, plastic tray, and is held in place by the now-common paper twist-ties. As such, it doesn't take long to free him from the tray. He also comes with a large, illustrated instruction sheet printed with red and gold inks.

When you take him out you get a sense of how big this toy is, and for those of you who passed on Energon Omega, this may be a little surprising when you consider how few truly big Transformers we have gotten recently. He's predominately molded in a grayish-khaki color that very closely evokes the similar overall color of the G1 toy. We also have parts cast in black, two shades of red, transparent yellow, and gold (Hrm...). He doesn't have a lot of paint-applications, but the ones he does have count. Touches of black, silver, gold, copper, yellow, and two shades of red show here and there, and they look really sharp. I noticed no sloppy applications of paint at all.

He's very poseable, with about 20 points of articulation in robot mode (including his spinning claw). If you include the jointed claws, you can add 8 more points of articulation to the total, and his weapon-turrets also turn and pivot to boot. His body is covered in sculpted details that look very nice. The new claw-arm looks great, and the claws are quite poseable. The new head looks fantastic, if a touch small, with a face that is taken straight out of the War For Cybertron game. the visor also raises and lowers, and there's a small gun-barrel on the back of his head that tilts up as well. This little gun barrel can be a bit hard to raise at first, and also slips off easily, so be careful not to lose it.

Transforming him is easy. You just firmly grasp and pull apart the right and left halves of his body, and his head sinks into the panel upon which it is mounted. On the left side, you straighten and raise the arm into the shoulder, then tilt the shoulder back into the torso-half. The upper leg then hinges back into the torso and then down, and then you turn the foot around 180 degrees, lift up the hinged base it sits on, which then swings around and tabs into the torso, and now you have a cool, space-borne Battleship. For the right side, you simply tilt the foot down, and spin it clockwise. Then you simply adjust the arm how you see fit, and you are done. Now instead of Energon Omega's crane, you have a vehicle that evokes the Toho Maser-Cannons that first appeared in "The Mysterians" and have popped up in countless Godzilla and assorted Kaiju films since.

You can connect the two vehicles to form a "Cybertronian Armored Super-Train", but I never bother. The two halves can also be adjusted to form weapon-emplacements that can be used by voyager-class figures. In these forms, the little flip-out pelvis guns become handles (heh) for the purpose of moving and firing the cannons. Oh, and for the keen-eyed, please note that I swapped around a couple of these guns/handles so that they are symmetrical in robot-mode.

If you have Energon Optimus, or the new Platinum-edition re-release of that mold, you can combine him with Omega by splitting the body, folding the head-panel up, and then sitting Optimus inside the torso in vehicle-mode with the head flipped up. You then snap the torso closed, slap the Optimus-Drones onto the hinged connectors, gawk in wonder at Omega Supreme with an Optimus head, and watch as the Decepticons oil themselves, while again saying "OMG WTF?" I never bother with either of these extra alt-modes either, but they are fun for some.

A key difference between YOTS omega and Energon Omega also becomes apparent. The latter had electronic lights and sounds, but these features have been removed from the former. For the $100.00 price-point I'd have expected they be retained, but what do I know?

The Good: Year Of The Snake Omega Supreme is an impressive-looking transformer toy that can easily fit in with both WFC/FOC toy-displays, or "classics" displays, thanks to the welcome and well-done mold-changes. He makes an imposing, impressive figure, and he's solidly built, and beautifully adorned. He has several alternate-modes that add play-value if you felt inclined to buy this for a kid.

The Bad: This is an expensive toy, and due to the removal of the electronics I feel that we are paying a bit too much for him. Personally I'd have preferred to have the electronics, while dealing with a cheaper box. Also, I'm a bit put-off by the predominantly red right shin and foot. Since most of the left shin and foot was black with silver details, it comes across as mismatched. Considering how well they matched up the overall scheme on the rest of the toy, its something of a head-scratcher. Lastly, I have some minor concerns about the gold-plastic. Its a lighter shade than many of the prior gold-plastics that have been susceptible to GPS decay, and thus may not be a concern. Still, I plan to keep my eye out for any GPS signs.

The Verdict: I've been anticipating this toy for a couple of months now, and I'm not disappointed with him in any important sense. I would have preferred that they used gold-paint instead of gold plastic, and black plastic on the right foot and shin. And I miss the lights and sounds that E Omega possessed, but these are minor quibbles. YOTS Omega is a very handsome, impressive toy that will look very nice when displayed with my CHUG figures.

Overall Score: B+. Purchase: Suggested. Disappointment: Unlikely.

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