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Transformers is a brand that, true to its name, just keeps changing. The internet changes as well, and a lot of the sites I used to link have fallen by the wayside. Rather than attempting to become a comprehensive clearing-house for Transformers related website links, I've picked out what I feel are the best of the best. So, feel free to click with confidence!

Discussion Forums & News Sites

  • The ALLSPARK - My favorite Transformers message-board, and my online home-away-from-home. The news-team does a great job when it comes to the very latest Transformers info, and its a great community to be a part of.
  • Transformers World 2005 - Another great Transformers message-board, with one of the largest and most-active active user-bases around. Home of the Radicons customizers sub-forum.
  • Radio Free Cybertron - They've been giving us one great podcast after another for a dozen solid years. Here's to twelve more!

Reviews & Photos

  • Ben's World of Transformers - One of Trans-fandom's best-known and well-respected figures, Ben Yee cranks out some superb reviews and photos.
  • Transformers-Universe - A great site with its content available in both English and German, you can read lots of great reviews, complete with awesome photos. Plus, you can also create your own online TF checklist!

Information & Articles

  • - The ONLY Transformers Wiki that matters. Case closed!
  • - More photos of TF toys and their accessories than you can shake a conductor-rod at!
  • Fred's Workshop - When Yahoo put a proverbial bullet between the eyes of Geocities, I feared this fantastic resource had been relegated to the incomplete internet dustbin that is the Way-back Machine. But Fred came through for his fans and resurfaced, more awesome than ever. Home of the fantastic American TF Variants Guide!
  • Botch the Crab - Home of the incredible Transformers Box-Art Archive!
  • - A superb resource for those who are interested in the pre-transformers Diclone and Micro-Change lines, foreign-release Transformers, and more!
  • Source Articles - Yes, TFsource is a retailer, but they also have this cool, informative blog, featuring regular articles about our favorite toylines.


  • Frenzy-Rumble's Custom Transformers - Another one of the best customizers out there, Frenzy-Rumble is also one of the most prolific and imaginitive ones as well, and he regularly raises the proverbial bar.
  • proCUSTOMIZERS - A superb online forum where some of the best customizers regularly showcase and discuss their work.


  • - Perhaps the greatest online boon to Transformers collectors, Reprolabels has been producing replacement labels for G1 Transformers for several years now, and doing a great job of it too. In addition to that they also create original labels and faction sybols for many other Transformer toys as well. Seriously, you absolutely have to check out their site...if you aren't already familiar with it that is!
  • - One of the best Transformers retailers around. Its like ToysRUs for Transformers.
  • - Not only do they offer a huge selection of Transformers and other toys, but their customer service is hard to beat! Buy with confidence!
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