Custom "Classics" Shockwave

After Fortress Maximus, I set my sights on another one of those "just gotta do it!" projects, one that a lot of customizers do eventually: Shockwave. This version was a real Frankenstein of sorts (not unlike 'Autobot Spike' *lol*), being made up of parts from Energon Shockblast, Six-Shot, Snow-Cat, and Demolishor, Armada Megatron, and a hand from an ML Modok, and some extra firepower cribbed fom a Kids-Connection MARS set. When I first got him assembled, his kitbashed nature was readily apparent:

After painting him, he really started to come together properly. This time around I used both Testors and Tamiya paints. The shades I used were Tamiya Purple & Chrome Silver, and from the Testors Model-Master Acryls, I used Flat Black, Battleship Gray, Gunmetal, Steel, & Bronze. On top of the paints and parts, I'd also altered him so that the tank-tread "backpack" snapped on and off, which you can see below:

Before selling him on Ebay, I swapped out the Modok hand for a Gundam one, adding a magnet in the wrist so that the hand could be swapped for a cannon from the aforementined MARS set. If you wish to see more in-progress comments and photos, you can view the original Allspark thread here.


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!


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