Custom "Classics" Nemesis Prime

(February, 2012) Okay, a few days ago I received the KOLD Unshattered Glass Konvoy from a fellow over at TFW2005. I got a pretty good deal on it, and for a Knockoff, the quality is pretty darned high. The plastic is sturdy, the screws don't strip like crazy, and the paint-apps are pretty good. Sure, there's a little slop here and there, including a silver blob on one tire, and there are little casting eccentricities and some loose joints that remind you its a Knockoff. But overall, its a pretty good toy.

Anyway, thanks to Robots In Disguise, I've come to regard black Optimus repaints as Scourge/Skurge, and if I ever do acquire one of the SDCC Nemesis Prime toys from a few years back, he'll be called Skurge. As such, I decided to do a little repainting of the KOLD Konvoy and turn him into a classics Nemesis Prime. Some of what I've done hearkens to the Botcon Shattered-Glass Optimus Prime, and some of it is a departure.

Here's what he looked like before I took the brushes to him:

Once again I used both Testors Model-Master Acryls and Tamiya paints. This custom wasn't nearly as involved as previous ones, since most of what I did involved painting Prime's biceps and thighs silver, and then making them dirty and rusty. I also painted his gun, grille, and bumper silver, and gave those areas the same rusty, dirty treatment as well. Then I made his tires and windows look muddy and grimy as well, and went on to paint his eyes, running-lights, and headlights a sickly green color. After I took the first batch of photos I went back and added more mud and grime, and also added silver touches here and there to make it look as if his paint was chipped.


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

These pics were taken after I gave him the "chipped-paint" treatment.


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