Destroy Monarch DX

(March, 2006) Overview: I purchased a rather neat Megatron knockoff a while back. Supposedly part of a line (heh) called Code 007, Super Alloy Transformers, Super Change Series. The name of the toy itself is "Destroy Monarch DX", and, for a knockoff, this is a decent piece of work. However, like most knockoff toys, the quality is uneven, so your mileage may vary. The toy does boast a few die-cast parts, but not as many as the Takara/Hasbro originals, and with his red forehead and black face, even a casual glance reveals him to be something other than the genuine article.

The Bad: Now, were I to judge this toy against the real deal, it would fall far short. The plastic is of a substandard quality, some parts are misaligned, the vac-metalized coating is cheaply done, and what few stickers are there are poorly applied and aren't very sticky. It is clear that this toy wouldn't stand up to vigorous play. However, the original Megatron wouldn't (and often didn't, much to the sorrow of many an owner) stand up to rough play either, despite being made of better materials. He's simply based on a design that proves itself rather fragile when made of good materials, let alone cheaper stuff.

In robot mode, the toy is rather loose and prone to falling over. I didn't even attempt to see if he could hold his arms up while his weapons were attached, because I knew that such an attempt was futile. The joints of this toy are simply too loose to support the weight. Now, while the stock and silencer parts fit a real Megatron (see below), the Scope/Fusion Cannon, however, does not fit at all, and that's rather unfortunate.

The Good: Now, despite its subpar comparison to the genuine article, when compared to most other knockoffs, this toy is a real gem. Its almost as well-made as the rather infamous "Trans-Convoy" toy, which was a knockoff of Action Master Prowl, and the cab of the Armored Convoy vehicle that came with Action Master Optimus Prime. As long as you are fairly careful, you can transform him between his various modes without any real fear of breakage. And, despite his flaws, he does look quite good in his fully-assembled gun mode. Plus, he has that cool pellet-shooting action.

That brings me to one of the coolest things about this toy: the fact that it seems to be a direct rip-off of one of the Japanese versions of Megatron, as it includes not only all the stock and silencer pieces, but also the sword (Used originally in the Microman Micro change Walther-P38 release that would later become Megatron in the TF line), and 20 pellets on 2 plastic trees. Not only does the pistol fire the bullets, but a portion of the stock does as well, so you can use the feature when the toy is in robot mode. This is VERY cool.

Arguably, the best thing about this toy is the fact that the stock pieces and weapons do indeed fit on Megatron, which is what I was hoping for. Now, I personally have all the parts for my G1 Megatron, but that version didn't come with the sword. Just having that makes this a worthwhile purchase in my book. Also, if you have a G1 Megatron, but don't have the stock or silencer, the parts in this set make nice substitutions. Also, Megatron can hold both the sword and the silver gun, which is another nice bonus.

Verdict: The "Destroy Monarch DX" is a very interesting toy. You will be hard-pressed to find a better Transformer knockoff. The accessories alone make the toy a worthwhile purchase, and the toy as a whole makes a nice conversation-piece. Well, if you're conversing with other Trans-fans that is :)

All in all on a scale of 1 to 4 stars, when measured against other knockoffs, this toy rates 4 stars. Were it to be measured against the genuine Megatron, that rating would fall to 2 stars. If I were to assign a letter-grade, he'd rank a solid B.

For more info about the various releases of the official Megatron toys, please visit Megatron's Around the World. And, if you'd like to buy your own Destroy Monarch, then look no further than eBay. There's tons of em.

For those of you who might be interested, I have snapped a set of photos of this interesting toy. Since my previous Digital Camera took blurry photos if you moved a single millimeter, I apologize ahead of time for the quality of some of these photos. If your browser supports it, you can mouse-over each thumbnail for a description, and you can simply click for the larger versions.

Here you can clearly read the name of this Destroy Monarch DX. I love the names they give these things

Wow... all those parts on a bubble-card. They love putting knockoffs in bubble-cards This toy comes with the 3-piece stock, the 3-piece silencer, and a 3-piece scope. It also comes with the usual silver gun/weapon, a silver sword, and 20 pellets The total package A close up of the Destroy Monarch robot itself. The main differences, paint-wise, between it and Megatron become apparent. His face lacks the silver paint application Megatron's has. Also, the forehead is painted red instead of silver. The tip of the gun-barrel is also painted orange to conform to the U.S. Regulations concerning realistic toy guns The stickers on the inner legs closely match the ones found on Megatron himself. Note that the legs are attached with some sort of pin/rivet, whereas Megatron's were attached with screws. The thighs and feet are indeed made of die-cast metal. The inner-arms lack stickers of any kind The toy in pistol-mode. As you can see there are no stickers, and the 'Walther p38' inscription is not present either The barrel of the gun is crooked when transformed. Part misalignment is a common bane of knockoff toys. I may trim down the interior housing so it will align a bit better As you can see, the legs don't close completely, and thus leave a big gap in the gun-mode pistol-grip One of the pellets, chambered and ready for firing

In another curious bit of deviation from the original toys, the grooved chamber-grip design is absent on the right side Yes, the true Megatron can hold Destroy Monarch's sword. Sweet! The stock, silencer, and scope do fit together to form the particle-beam cannon. And, because of the spring-loaded stock piece, the cannon will fire the pellets, just like the pistol does Here you can see the pellet-chamber on the first stock-piece The same part with the pellet in the chamber The whole shebang assembled in 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E' mode The instructions on the back of the card. These seem to be taken from several different sources, including the Megatron re-issue, but I'm not sure. The original US Megatron release used photos in the instructions, and some of those seem to be reproduced here 'Ages 15 and Up'. HEH! The bottom half of the card-back


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