Transformers - Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime
(deluxe class)

(June, 2011) Overview: For what might be the swan-song for the live-action TRANSFORMERS film series, Habro has gone all out with an impressive lineup of toys that has hit retail stores with force as we draw ever closer to the release of TRANSFORMERS - Dark Of The Moon.

As part of this line up, we've got several Optimus Prime toys (news from the file marked "duh"), and this time out we've got a neat version at the deluxe scale and price-point, and it seems that this one is a Wal-Mart exclusive. I'd seen some pics of this toy a few weeks ago, and had already decided that I'd purchase it, and today I did exactly that. So, let's take a closer look at this toy.

The Good: First off, since this is a deluxe, you're paying about $9.88 for this toy at Wal-Mart, and given the overall play-value, that's a good deal in today's action-figure market. Hasbro usually gives us great value for our money, especially when you consider that many other figure-lines go for much more, and have arguably less play-value.

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Optimus comes packaged in robot-mode, and once freed from his packaging, he proves to be a cool little toy. He does boast some kibble in the form of a "backpack" made of the front on his truck-mode (shades of the first movie Voyage Prime there). He has the usual movie-Prime deco, decked out in red and blue and light-gray plastics. He also features a couple of metallic-orange apps on his pelvis, and quite a few silver nice paint-aps as well. His overall dominant color in this mode is blue (at least from the front). His MechTech weapon is dark-gray and pale-orange, a color used because of his flip-out "energon axe", and it reminds me a little of the orange weapons carried by G1 Action Master Prime. He's intricately detailed overall, and his light-piped eyes shine light-blue, and even boast the tiny movie-style "pupils" as well.

Optimus is very poseable, with ball-jointed shoulders and hips, thigh and bicep swivels, hinge-jointed knees and elbows with double hinge-joints. He also has a rotating head and waist (there are issues with these which I will go into in the next section), and he has toes that tilt inwards, which give his feet a little more stability in certain poses. Its pretty easy to find a variety of cool poses for him.

He features 4 MechTech ports, and the usual weapon-ports in the fists as well. He has a port on each shoulder-flap, and one on the side of each forearm. The fit is snug in all ports, but is most snug in the shoulders. With all these ports, Prime could really load up on MechTech weapons if he wanted to go completely Frank Castle on the Decepticons.

His transformation is pretty simple to figure out, and not at all annoying. In truck-mode, he sports a nice airbrushed orange gradient on the nose of the cab, and the usual blue flame details. The red and blue seems about equal, and its fairly film-accurate for a toy at this price-point. The wheels roll freely, and he has two MechTech ports atop the sleeper-section of the cab, so Prime can blast away while burning figurative rubber. The back portion is slightly elongated and out of scale, but overall he looks nice in his truck-mode.

The Bad: There's a not a whole lot of bad about this toy, but as with practically every toy, there are a few items that annoy.

First off, Prime's weapon will not lock into its Axe-mode, which is just annoying. I had to stick a piece of styrene in it to get the Axe to remain deployed for the pictures, and I feel that's just unfortunate.

Secondly, Prime's neck-swivel isn't as free-ranging as I'd like, thanks to his torso-halves. However, he still gets a good degree of swivel, and its just a tiny annoyance, However, his back-kibble completely renders the waist-swivel useless unless you slide/tilt it back, which just feels and looks really awkward. Also, he's a little top-heavy because of this kibble, but not overly-so since its really just a hollow shell.

Also, due to a lack of paint-apps his arms come across as mostly gray. He has a minimal red paint-application on each forearm, and that's it. Also, due to a lack of paint on the sleeper-sections that become his sides, he looks like he's wearing blue bracers or a blue vest. A little silver here would have helped.

Verdict: This is a great little toy, and I'm really happy I picked it up. He's poseable, detailed, evokes movie-Prime's general look and proportions very well. The only knocks are a lack of paint-apps in a couple of places, BUT this is Hasbro here. You can only have so many apps while keeping the costs low. The lack of a locking MechTech weapon, and a hindered waist-swivel are larger annoyances.

Because its a deluxe, it has a lot of playability, and a child could easily tote this toy around. And if you happen to be a collector who displays their toys at work, he looks neat and doesn't take up much space.

My overall grade for this toy would be an A-, and I recommend it very highly.


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