Custom "Classics" Fortress Maximus - Version 1:

This custom/kitbash was one I had really wanted to do since I first saw it done on the Japanese boards, and another by Viagra Prime: Cybertron Metoplex into Fortress Maximus. I let the desire simmer for a couple of years, and when Cybertron Metroplex hit Dollar General stores at $19.99 (holiday season 2007), I decided the time was now, and soon I'd gotten started on my first custom Transformer.

For this custom, I used a Superion Head as the base for Max's noggin. I made a ball-joint for the neck, courtesy of a Xevoz Alpha Centurion. I used G1 Battletrap guns for the forearm cannons, and G1 Drag-Strip cannons stand in for Fort's leg-mounted mortars. Fort's rifle is made from a KO Abominus rifle and an Optimal Optimus Missile. His waist-cannons were made using the guns from an Energon/Universe Windrazor. His dual-barrel Laser Gun was made from a G1 Streetwise cannon and parts of Energon Arcee's weapon.

I made extensive use of sheet, tube, and rod styrene, as well as Aves Fixit Sculpt for the alterations and original parts. I also managed to scrounge up junk parts I'd kept around from old models, GI Joe toys, and even model sprue, which I used to make various items, especially the repair arms. I even made use of Marvel-Legends blister-plastic, and an old G1 Tech-Specs decoder.

The paints used are from the Testors Fantasy/Acryl series.

Originally, I'd decided not to do the Headmaster version because I didn't have a spare Drillbit Minicon lying around. So, I went with the Superion head as the base. However, I later acquired an extra Drillbit, and created a headmaster head. You can read more about that on page 2.

If you wish to see the in-progress photos, you can check out my WIP Thread over at my board, Corvuschatter.


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!

I'd like to thank Viagra Prime, and Jin Saotome, both of whom inspired me with their excellent work. Of particular benefit was Jin's handy tutorials over at his site, Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys!. Because of said tutorials, I found out about Fixit Sculpt, and also read up on Jin's informative Transformers Painting Guide. Check out his work folks, its fantastic!

I'd also like to thank all of the fine folks who responded to my WIP threads over at the Allspark, tfw2005, Transtopia, TFans, and my own board, with comments and suggestions. You guys rock! I also want to thank the folks at Action Figure Customs Blogs, who featured this piece back in December of 2007. You can see that entry here.

Shortly after completion, I decided to sell this custom off on E-Bay, and in doing so, I decided to make some changes to the figure. To see what I sold, move on to "Classics" Fortress Maximus - Version 1a.


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