Custom "Classics" Brave Maximus

A short time after selling off my Custom Fort Max, I started work on a second Fort Max of my own, and also a version based off of Brave Maximus as well. Brave Maximus has a brighter, more colorful color-scheme that many find more attractive than the one for Fortress, and I thought it would make an attractive variant.

Paints used include Testors Model-Master Acrylics: Dark Blue, Dragon Black, Guard's Red, Gunmetal, Kirkin Yellow, and Steel. Tamiya Acrylics: Chrome Silver and Flat Blue. Citadel Mithril Silver, Sunburst Yellow and Skull White. The Indigo shade was a custom mix of Testors Dark Blue, Dragon Black, and Guard's Red, and I wish to hell I'd made a larger bottle of the mixture than I did.

Parts used included Cybertron Metroplex as the base figure, a G1 Superion Head with a joint from a Neo-Shifter as the neck, and a part from a Gundam Virtue 1/144 Kit for the visor-guard. G1 First-Aid supplied the calf-cannons, and the ankle/forearm blasters are from a GI Joe Tiger Paw vehicle. The waist-cannons are from Energon Stormcloud's energon-weapon.

The rifle is made from Energon Bulkhead's powerlinx base-weapon, with the scope from Energon Arcee and Armada Megatron's cannon added on. The handle was taken off Cybertron Metroplex's Spark-Drinker weapon. Instead of going with a scratch-built tower that was useless in robot-mode, I opted to modify and Energon Shockblast Cannon, and added an Autobot-insignia from Robots In Disguise Ultra Magnus.

The ramps are made from the carrier-ramps off Robots In Disguise Ultra Magnus, and the minicon-containers from inside Unicron's legs. The helipad-shield is a modified helipad from G1 Countdown. The radar-dishes are made of Lego radar-discs and Cybertron Metroplex parts.

There's also a fair amount of Styrene work going on, from the styrene used to make minicon ports on the weapons, to the horns on Brave's head, to the Master-Sword which is constructed almost entirely from styrene sheets and tubes, with detail added via a G1 Scavenger drill-missile, and a bead. Plus a couple of parts from a cheap Gundam knockoff. Aves' Fixit-Sculpt was also crucial in the construction.


Taken with my Fujifilm Finepix A 345 Digital Camera. As always, click for the bigguns!



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